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Windows 10 was released for consumers on July 29, 2015. Since its release Windows 10 has got overwhelmingly positive response. Windows 10 looks like a big improvement as compared to Windows 8.

As these are the early days of Windows 10 you may face some issues with this operating system. And as soon as these issues are brought to notice Microsoft tries to fix these issues by releasing updates.But as we know that nothing is perfect, so Windows 10 also has some issues with it. After updating to windows 10 many windows users are facing some issues. We get to know about it after reading about it on social sites, forums, Windows blogs.

The common issues which users face after updating to windows 10 are as follows:-

  • Issues with printer :- After upgrading to Windows 10 your computer might not be able to detect the printer. Whenever you try to take a print, it will give you a error with certain error code. So for fixing up these errors you might have to take help of technician who is familiar with Windows 10 functionalities.
  • Issues with wired and wireless internet connection :- After upgrading to Windows 10 you might see that no wired or wireless connections are available there.
  • Issues with start menu :- When you upgrade to Windows 10 you might see that start menu is not opening
  • Issues with windows store app :- Some users face problems with the Windows store app when they upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Issues with Windows 10 settings app :- Many users who upgrade to Windows 10 find that Windows 10 setting app doesn’t open.
  • Issues in opening Office Documents :- Users might face problems in opening office documents after upgrading to Windows 10.
  • Issues with stability of Internet Connection :- Many windows users who upgrade to Windows 10 sometimes face problems with the stability of internet connection. The computer keeps getting disconnected from the internet again and again.
  • Issues with Sound and Audio :- After upgrading to Windows 10 users may face some issues with audio drivers.
  • Issues with clipboard :- Many Windows 10 users face issues in copying something using Ctrl+C. Even after pressing Ctrl+C again and again they are not able to copy the selected content. The only option they are left with is to give a right click on the selected content and then press copy or cut.
  • 10. Folder fail issues :- Windows 10 users face problems in arranging emails because there is no option to create sub folders in windows 10 email app.
    These are some of the problems reported by Windows 10 users.

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